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Tell Your Home’s Story

Comprehensive marketing strategies to sell your home fast

At Caprika, we use Lifestyle Marketing strategies to fully appeal to what buyers are looking for in the market.

Your home is part of a unique community and lifestyle – that’s what makes special and attractive to potential buyers!

Getting eyes on your home

Showing off every aspect of your home

From targeted ads to 3D tours to custom landing pages, our marketing strategies make your home more than just a bedroom and bathroom count on a website. We make it easy for buyers to discover all that your home has to offer.

Custom videos | Targeted Ads | 3D Tours | Custom Landing Page | And More!

Lifestyle Property Tours

Show off your community and your home in our Lifestyle Property tours

Targeted Ads

Custom Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Ads so that we can get all eyes on your home

First Impressions Matter

A picture is worth a 1000 words – That’s why we make sure yours look great

Amazing Pictures + Fancy Editing = Stunning Results

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Staging Maters

Roughly 87% of people can not envision a finished space.  Why do you think builders stage their model home? Simply put staged homes sell faster and typically for more money than their vacant counter part. Check out the before and after a little paint and some staging on what a difference it can make.

Staged and painted

Easy Exploration

Tour this home now! Click around the room to see around.


Through our lifestyle marketing and pricing & position strategies and our knowledgable, flexible team of agents, we show off the elements of your home that make it more than just a bedroom + bathroom count on a website.

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