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Cape Saint Claire is the name of an unincorporated community and CDP in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The community accounts for about 80% of the homes/housing units in the CDP that bears the same name. There are several other little communities/neighborhoods in the CDP, like Atlantis, St. Claire Court, Green Holly and more. It is an urban coastal community and suburb of the Greater Annapolis Area. The CDP and community are nautical in nature with beautiful ocean views, waterfront amenities and more. It is somewhat historic and fairly densely populated. The CDP and community both exude old world nautical/maritime charm. Real estate in the area rangers from traditional single-family homes, townhomes and apartments. It is somewhat diverse though the most common ancestries are mostly European in nature, like Irish, German, English, Italian and Polish. English is the number one language in the community followed by Polish and Spanish.

Up through the 1940s the Saint Claire area was primarily farmland. The River Bay Company platted the community of Cape Saint Claire in June of 1949. The first visions of community were of a summer retreat for people from Washington D.C., Baltimore and Annapolis. Most residential structures in the area were built between 1940 and 1999. Today it has grown into a thriving community and CDP with year-round residents.

The CDP of Cape Saint Claire spans 2.5 square miles, 2.0 square miles of land and .5 of water. It is a wealthy community with fairly dense population. It is ranked among the top 15% of American neighborhoods in terms of income. It has a mixed workforce of white, blue and no collar workers. However, 55% of the of the workforce is white-collar. The 2010 population of Cape Saint Claire was $8,747 and the population density was $4,336 people per square mile. By 2016, the estimated median household was $93,355 and the estimated per capita income was $41,162. In the same year, the estimated median house or condo value was $385,202, the mean price on all housing units was $403,238 and the median gross rent was $1,577.

The average commute time for residents of the CDP is 15-30 minutes each way. Over 88% of Cape Saint Claire commuters drive private vehicles for their daily commutes. The community/CDP has a real estate vacancy rate of about 3.6 miles. Meaning that there are homes to choose from though they are limited. Homes for sale come in a variety of sizes and feature two to five bedrooms and one to three bathrooms. Whether you are a single, part of a couple or raising a family, the home of your dreams awaits in beautiful Cape Saint Claire, Maryland. To begin your home search call local real estate agent (insert name here) at (number here) today.

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