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Pre- Approval

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Celebration Day!

Step 1 - Discuss Goals

Let’s meet up for a cup of coffee and go over the home-buying  process. We want to hear all about your goals, hopes and fears.  This is also a great time for you to ask questions, and for us to talk about how we will create the smoothest and most positive experience for you.  Once we agree to work together, we’ll work out a customized plan to help make your dreams a reality. We’ll also get you in touch with a great loan officer, unless you already have one or are paying cash.

Step 2 - Show me the Money

If you are planning to get a loan, working with one of our trusted lenders will make your buying process even easier and smoother. The benefit here is, we have vetted them and have an inside line to keep things moving. Part of the strength of your offer will be how solid your financing is. If we can tell the listing agent that you are pre-approved with a team we know and trust, it will make your offer stronger. Also, it is a relief to know that the properties you are previewing are comfortably in your price range.  

Step 3 - Home Search

Now for the fun part!  We will set you up with access to our customized search tool, which will deliver you housing options based on your criteria.  When you see a few that you like, contact us and we will schedule showings and go take a look. While we are out viewing properties, we continue the education process by pointing out different features, conditions, pros and cons. One thing we focus on is always circling back to what YOU want. It may be a lovely home, but is it what you said you need? If the home in question does not meet your goals, then no matter how good a “deal” it may be, we will ask you to think hard about whether this is the one for you. On the other hand, if the home meets your budget and your goals, then we move on to the next step! 

Step 4 - let's Write!

You have found a home you love and it is time to submit an offer.  We will pull up “comps” (homes that have sold or been listed near the one you want) and gather up more details about the property, to help you develop an offer strategy.  We will guide you through every step and will go over different options and strategies to position your offer in a way that reflects your concerns and desires to get the home. You are signing legally binding paperwork, and we make sure that you are informed and comfortable with everything that will be submitted to the Seller.  Once we submit the offer, we will be there to remind you to breathe and try to relax! 

Step 5 - Lock it Down

Yay! You are under contract!

Here’s where Caprika’s team spirit shines. Your agent has a great support network of in-house transaction coordinators, plus recommended inspectors, contractors, and settlement attorneys, to make the deal run smoothly. Expect weekly calls and e-mails to inform you of what’s happening behind the scenes, as well as what your responsibilities may be. There are a lot of moving parts to a real estate deal, and that is why having a pro team in your corner can make all the difference

Step 6 - Celebration Day

“We made it!” Celebration or Settlement day has finally come and all of your preparation and planning has finally paid off!  We will be with you for you final walkthrough of the property, and we will sit with you at settlement while you sign your closing documents. You are officially the owner of your dream home, and we couldn’t be more excited for you!

Curious about next steps?

We believe in home buying on your timeline, whether that is tomorrow or next year. That said, let’s start the conversation now. The next step is for us to start talking, so we can understand your needs and timeline.

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Searching for your next home is always fun. Come on over to our home search tool to set up auto alerts, so you can spot any potential winners, and keep your finger on the pulse of the market.