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It’s the holiday season! Families and friends are gathering to celebrate, which typically means food is all around us. We all tend to pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season, and then commit to shedding the added weight come the new year. If this sounds familiar then this episode of Around the Block in Annapolis might appeal to you!


This week we hang out with the owner, Butch, of Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition. Butch owns a crossfit gym and has managed to find his own niche within the crossfit community. Whether your a beginner or a gym rat, the Wreck Room is definitely a place to check out on your fitness journey.


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The Interview


What’s up everybody it’s Brendan with Around the Block in Annapolis. Today I’m out with Butch at the Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition. He has a crossfit program here and we’ll be trying it out for the first time today. He’s also gonna tell us a little bit about what he has going on here. I’m super pumped up to go get my butt kicked.


Tell me a little about crossfit and your gym.

Every crossfit gym is different. Most people think that crossfit is crossfit wherever you go. It’s very similar but just like every real estate agent, yes, they’re all selling houses, but they all have a different personality. They have a different way they do things, right? They have their own systems and processes. We cater to the person off the couch. From the way that we on board, to the way we teach and coach.


Who is you typical gym member here ta Glen Burnie Fitness and Nutrition?

I would say two out of three people that come in here are probably coming in off the couch of at least a couple of years. They haven’t moved in a while. Typical members come in three to five days a week, a lot a times in our initial call to consult, we will kinda prescribe something start off from slower, build up. The rate ultimately depends on their schedule. We want them here as much as we can, so our biggest thing here is that everybody needs to keep moving.


What separates something like crossfit and Wreck Room from other gyms out there?

Everybody talks about wellness and this mind, body, soul. Really, we all know that when we’re in shape and we’re eating well, everything else falls into place. Right? So, no matter what your program is, keep it consistent. Stay with it. Stay off the couch. Keep moving. Crossfit is it’s own niche within the fitness industry. Our biggest niche here is nutrition and meal prepping. Because anybody can do that, save money and benefit, and see the results. But ultimately, you gotta find what’s sustainable for most people.


What can clients expect in term of  nutrition plans and support?

There’s nothing that’s off limits. What we tell people is that there’s room for every food out there. Just you can’t have as much bread as can rice. You can’t have as much rice as you can broccoli. All these sides are different. And then we take it a step farther, teaching them how to shop effectively and efficiently. And save money.


There are a lot of different fitness options out there, how does crossfit fit in?

There’s a lot of stuff out there. And lot’s of it’s cheaper and more accessible. But ultimately, I’m a big supporter of it. Because people are out of the couch. Over time they will find their way here or find their way to another program. Change it up, keep yourself excited about exercise. And always work on your nutrition. But keep moving and stay healthy.


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