FAQ – The Truth About Zillow Agents

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Have you ever found a property on Zillow and clicked on the ‘Contact Agent’ button? Were you surprised when you didn’t get in touch with the Listing Agent? Let’s talk about how Zillow Agents works, and what you should be doing to get connected with the right agent.


Finding Agents on Zillow

Have you ever been browsing homes on Zillow, been curious about something and you wanted some information from the listing agent, so you clicked that Contact Agent button? However, you didn’t get a response from the listing agent. You got a response from another agent. You’re probably thinking, what’s the deal? I don’t understand, I thought I was connecting with the listing agent.


Well, it’s part of the way that Zillow’s designed. The agents that are there, they’re there because they pay to be there. They’re advertising with Zillow. That’s how Zillow makes their money primarily is by these premier agents paying to be there. And, a lot of times you’ll see like three or four different agents. Well, the whole idea is they pay for so many impressions or their share of voice, and they’re gonna be on there.


If you click that Contact button, unless you specifically click one person in particular, it’s just gonna round robin to the next person who’s in queue. That could be the listing agent if they’re paying to be there, or it could be just some other agent.


So instead of just going on Zillow and clicking that and just getting some random agent on Zillow, go get yourself a good buyer agent. Get the information and have them work for you. Have them help you get the information.


So that’s the truth behind that ‘contact agent’ button on Zillow. I hope that helps.

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