Client Testimonial – “Patience + Support Made It All Worth It”

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What do our past clients have to say about Caprika Realty? Check out this client testimonial to find out!

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What our clients have to say.


So we wanted to say thank you so much to Brendan and Chelsea, and everybody at Caprika. This could not have been a more easy process for us to go through from day one all the way through closing. We found the perfect house for our family. The patience and the support that we received from Caprika is what made it all worth it.

Brendan and Chelsea have been nothing but helpful. Their wealth of knowledge from start to finish, we couldn’t have done this without them.

Communication was excellent between us and Brendan, whether it was texting, emailing, calling. Our schedules did not allow for someone who would only be responsive between nine and five because that isn’t how our jobs work. We were able to contact Brendan any hour of the day. Best time for us to have conversations was usually in the evening after our kids had been put to bed. His kids had been put to bed, and it was just a great, easy time for us to talk without worrying about interruptions.

Just as important as finding our home for us was Brendan and Chelsea’s help pointing out the houses we didn’t want, that we may have thought we did like because there was so many things that we had no idea that we should be looking out for and avoiding. We would have been in the wrong house by now if it wasn’t for Brendan and Chelsea.

We also need to give a big shout out to the Milk Makers Facebook group which where we found Brendan and Chelsea. All of the recommendations we had seen from other people who previously used them helped us to feel a little more comfortable knowing we were going with somebody who was going to be so attentive to what we were looking for.


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