Ok, now what?

Buying a home is an exciting adventure. Unfortunately it can also be filled with pitfalls and stress. We at Caprika Realty take great pride in being by your side through the entire process and to bring the stress level down a bit by having your back and by walking you through the process with a five star team. This includes having top notch lenders, home inspectors, title companies and more.

Following these steps and taking the time for us to get to know each other will help ensure a much smoother and more fun home buying process!

Step 1.

Whether you are just starting out or a veteran home buyer, we like to connect our buyers with a great lender and find out A) what you can be approved for with what type of loan and B) Where are you comfortable budget wise. Last thing we want to do is make you house poor.

Step 2.

After you have the financial component worked out, the next step is for us to go grab some coffee and talk about your real estate goals, the real estate market, the different types of sellers, and the home home buying process. We want you to be fully prepared on what to expect so when we go see some homes you will be ready to rock and roll.

Step 3.

After we have meet up for our initial consultation we will setup an automatic home search for you, so you never miss any potential awesome homes with the criteria that you want. And then… when you are ready we will go see some places together!

We are sure you have questions.

So, if your ready to start the conversation about buying a home, contact us below and we will get the ball rolling. Remember its never to early and there is no obligation to go forward. We will be here for you when your ready.