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Have you ever wondered, ‘what is a doula‘? Well, in this week’s episode of Around The Block in Annapolis we feature Annapolis Area Doulas. These ladies are AMAZING! Talk about going above and beyond for their clients. Whether you are expecting, planning for the future or not, this business is one you’ll want to check out.



How long have you been in business?

So we started with a different name. I’ve been running a doula agency for five years now. We started as Destine Doulas and then we did a rebrand to Annapolis area Doulas.


What is a doula? What do they do?

A doula is a person, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during their pregnancy, labor and postpartum.


Can you share an experience with us about Annapolis area Doulas helps expecting mothers and the families?

So one of our favorite clients, Tabitha, had a challenging first labor. Her Doula, Dina, was with her for a long time and even though things went pretty well, it just wasn’t what she wanted. The second time around, she hired Dina the second she peed on the stick and found out she was pregnant.  The two immediately started planning a home birth. Tabitha wanted something different that time. It is the most amazing thing when you get to see a repeat client have the exact birth they wanted.


Afterwards she kept saying to us how she loved how she felt so present and in control, and that she felt like everybody in the room supported her every desire and she really, really felt that she couldn’t have done it without our support. Of course, we know she could have, but she felt like the doula and the Hypno Birthing class played such an instrumental part of her feeling so great about her birth experience.


Why would a client hire a doula?

The majority of our clients that come to us are scared, they are nervous,  and they feel overwhelmed with all the emotions that come with planning a birth and a baby. It’s scary, it’s new and it’s out of your control. So, sometimes people feel like, well, what can I do? But, then they find out that it doesn’t have to be that way. You can pick a provider who supports you. You can get a doula to be by your side every step of the way reminding you that it’s normal, that it’s okay, and it makes all the difference in the world. And then people afterwards will say it was hard, but I felt supported and I did it and I feel stronger because of that.


Can you share another experience with us about the kind of support you offer women expecting women and their families throughout pregnancy and birth?

One of my favorite clients, Christine, she was planning this beautiful Hypno Birth. She came to all the classes, did all the work, was super excited for it and then found out that her baby was breech. We had to do a lot of work in processing how do I still make my birth enjoyable?  How do I still make it feel like my birth, and keep it as this empowering experience that she had worked so hard for? She had this beautiful, family-centered Cesarean that we had carefully detailed everything that was important to her before, during and after. And even though it was not the birth she had originally planned and hoped for, it was still everything she wanted it to be and she was so happy afterwards.


Thank you, Carly and all of the doulas at Annapolis area Doulas for sharing your experiences with us! If you or someone in your family is expecting, I highly recommend checking out Annapolis area Doulas. The support they provide is unmatched!




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